The Help

Ansgar deftly jumped out of the way and, noticing the apparent lack of control, rolled his eyes but raced after the mare. His stallion's powerful gallop soon caught up with the energetic mare. Ansgar reached out, causing the mare to jump in surprise, throwing her riding to the ground. 

Once Ansgar had calmed the mare he jumped down, with a grunt of annoyance, and held out his hand, realising only them whom he was aiding. 

"Twice in the same amount of days, makes me wonder how I have been so fortunate as to avoid this acquaintance for so long." Ansgar smirked as he helped her up, surprised by the delicate features of her soft hand, untouched by the hard labour that had been the lifestyle of her cousin. 

"I was under the impression that humour was not a concept that you are familiar with." She countered, attempting to move towards her mare. Crying out in pain she starts to fall again, only to be steadied. It soon became apparent that she would be incapable of movement without aid for some time to come. 

"You have played the part of my saviour, do not concern yourself, I do not expect you to ensure my safe return home," she quipped, as she balanced herself against a nearby oak. 

"I am not the villain that you have painted me as Miss...?"

"Lily" although "Liliana" quickly followed as she noticed the raised eyebrow, "I prefer Lily." Although was infuriated by the condescending nature of her rescuer, she couldn't help but notice the gentle tone to his voice.

"Well Miss Liliana, what was the nature of your flight?" 

Glaring at the aggravating man before her Lily replied "I was reliving my childhood." 

After waiting what he deemed a suitable time for a response he questioned "care to expand on that rather obtuse answer?"

She grinned an impish little grin, as she steered him back the way she had flown, and shook her head.

They did look quite the couple. He towered over her petite frame, his walk lacking it's usual briskness. Her hair like a red wicker bonnet, her limp slowing her normally spirited walk. 

The End

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