The Woods

Many believe that one may find comfort and safety within the securing arms of the branches and stems of nature, where one may be certain that no judgement will be made. Whether this person be proud or humble, hopeful or cold, truth will be seen within the honest modesty of nature. 

Such were the thoughts of the man stampeding through the dark shade of the old trees on an even darker steed, only visible by its eyes glinting out of the gloom, and the young made galloping through the fields on a creature younger than she, it's muddy state hiding it's snowy coat. 

If one were to observe him, they may notice how he looked upon all as though it had sprung into being by his hand. If one had been willing to look closely they may notice the manner in which he charged past the wood's inhabitants, almost taking pleasure in their wild scurrying. However, if one had been truly observant, they may also notice the angry line of his mouth contrasting with the crease of concern stretched across his handsome brow, appearing out of place on his young face. 

Out in the open, one may also notice how she gleefully laughed, her eyes a giggling blue, her hair appearing like a fire smouldering around her face. 

On one side of the dancing duo a rainbow of land stretched for miles around, unharmed by the corruptive nature of human intervention. A stream of bushes flowed around the edges of the field, berries appearing like bubbles, floating up through the flow. Flowers of a rare, foreign beauty sprung about amongst the emerald sea. 

On the other side, crowds of trees reached out towards her, like old friends welcoming her into their rustic embrace. Yet she declines their kind offerings, unwilling to disturb the home that so many reside in. 

As she danced through a cluster of dandelions, a cloud floated around the young mare's legs, causing her to jump in delight and take off across the sea, towards the wooden arms, with her rider laughing in amusement as she desperately tried to calm her overexcited friend. 

Whether fate was in play that day, or the nature of the two people in question was more similar than even they imagined, one dare not say. Yet, quite by chance, the mare decided to fly down the path that the dark stallion and his rider were charging up. 

The End

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