The Disagreement

"You're wrong," a voice whispered from the open doors. 

They looked over to see a girl standing in the entrance. Red hair curved over her shockingly bare shoulders and reached the top of her emerald dress that wrapped around her torso, gracefully falling down to the floor. She was observing him with a look that appeared to mirror his own critical gaze. 

"What would you know of such matter?" He hissed at her. 

The venom in his voice, however, did not even grant him a blink, much to his aggravation. Her eyes appeared almost sad, despite the small smile that had appeared. She moved up the last few steps, only to stop in the doorway, the night sky contrasting beautifully with her ruby curls. 

"I could ask the same of you." Xana stood frozen behind the menacing stance of her older brother, her hand still raised. The girl continued, "I will grant you I have yet to experience the overpowering emotions that are said to accompany the idea of love. Yet, if one were to look at it from a view that would appease even your factual mind, I ask you this; why is is that those who marry out of love are statistically more likely to retain a sense of comfort and happiness in their marriage than those who do it for necessity or to appease their materialistic minds?" Pausing for a brief moment she appeared to wait for a response, which she did not receive, so she continued. 

"Tell me, my Lord, if you will grace me with your opinion, what is the strongest organ of the body?"

With an exaggerated eye role and a smirk Ansgar answered "The heart, I see what your stipulation is, yet it is a foolish one. One's life is determined by the decisions of the mind. Now tell me girl, was it your heart that fashioned this frock you wear now, or were your garments stolen?" Disregarding his sneer and aggressive stance, one may be able to hear a faint trace of admiration in his voice. 

If not for the silence of the entranceway, the slap against fabric as Xana's hand fell in shock may not have been heard.

The girl cocked her head to the side, her hair falling over her shoulder like a crimson scarf. "Ay, it was my mind that, for your information, made the garment in which I stand before you, yet, I do declare your argument moot. The actions of the mind on a daily basis have no control of the decision to fall in love, if a decision it be. The mind may be damaged and yet it is possible to survive and live. However, if one were to damage the heart, the same could not be said. If the heart is a representation of love and is needed to live, would that not imply that love is vital to live?" She paused as a new thought approached her, "with that in mind, it may even be possible to say that love is truly the strongest emotion as it is represented by the strongest organ. Regardless, I see you are determined to defy these pieces of factual evidence I have placed before you..." she was prevented from continuing by a brief laugh that pounced out of his mouth. 

"Factual evidence? Child you have presented me with your own fanciful beliefs, which, amusing as they may be, will not be used in my decision regarding my sister's welfare." With that Ansgar pulled Xana away from the open doors. Yet, he was not able to walk away from the words she spoke that floated after them "I fail to see why it is your decision to make."

The End

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