A young man hates his life so much he contemplates killing himself but on the night he planned to take his own life events unfold that change his life forever.
A young woman who lives on the streets and struggles to survive suddenly finds herself the most important person on the planet. Strange men are hunting her down and the world depends on survival.
Steven Marshall must find this girl before they do or everything could change.

Richard sat at his desk pondering the events that had brought him to this point. Trying to figure out how he had arrived here. Suicide. He had contemplated the thought for a long time. Why? Why was he here? What difference could his life make in the grand scheme of it all? He had come to only one answer. Nothing. Sure he had friends and a family who loved him but he didn't contribute to their well being or happiness in any significant way. He barely saw them. His life had become more and more solitary in the last 3 years. No, they would be better off without him. His parents worried about him as though he were incompetent and unable to perform basic tasks. His friends only pitied him. Alone and still a virgin at 26. If only he had made better choices. 

He had left school before completing his final year. His first mistake. He failed to hunt for a job upon leaving. His second mistake. Now he was stuck in a dead end job with no chance of promotion. A job he loathed. His whole life was one wrong turn after another and now there was only one turn left. His social life was pretty much a car crash these days. Lots of casual friendships and few close friends that he still had contact with. Their life's had become far to busy to spend time with him. It wasn't that they hated him. They were all married with children or engaged or about to settle down. Here he was alone and in a job he hated. He tied the rope to the rafter and set up the chair.

Erin was on her usual corner begging for food and spare change. Just enough for a coffee, she thought. How she longed for a warm beverage tonight. It was the middle of winter and she really needed a warm drink and a warm meal to heat her frost bitten bones. She would've gone to the shelter but she was not looking to get groped by all the perverts that hang around there. She only went when she absolutely had too. Tonight she hoped she wouldn't have too. She only needed a couple of pounds for a coffee now. At the moment she thought this Christian Aid bus pulled up across the street and set up shop for the night. Excellent, she thought, free soup and no bums, just a sermon. She could overlook that price for tonight. Erin packed her stuff up and headed over. 

Erin had not had an easy life. Her parents had died when she was 5. It was a house fire. Erin was upstairs playing when it had happened. Her father had burst into the bedroom smoke and flames licking at his back. She remembered he was covered in blood. He carried her through the house as it collapsed around them. They reached the front door just as the roof had caved in. Her father collapsed with her in his arms on the grass in the front garden just as the emergency services arrived. He had died of internal injures. The paramedics concluded that a beam from the ceiling had struck him on his way to rescue Erin. Her mothers body was never found in the wreckage. She bounced around a few foster homes before being adopted by a couple when she was 8. They died when she was 12. Car Crash. Erin decided it she would best on her own because people she loved kept dying around her. She had been on the streets ever since. The only thing she had from her past was a locket her father had got her for her fifth birthday.It needed a key which she had never had. It was in the shape of a heart and was the one thing she had vowed to never sell, no matter how desperate life got. 

After her soup Erin headed back "home". Home was an abandoned building where a handful of other female homeless woman slept. They did not allow men in. Too many had been raped or abused in the past to trust them. As she crawled under the broken wall at the west side of the building her nostrils were greeted with a powerful rotten smell. The room was bathed in darkness. Odd, she thought there should be candles near the entrance. Erin groped around the abyss in front of her searching. She finally clasped her right hand on something. It was wet and slightly sticky. Her other hand found a lighter and a candle. She lit the candle and swung it round to were her right hand had found the damp spot. She choked down a scream. It was a woman covered in blood. She shuffled herself back up to the wall tears in her eyes. Not again. She was cursed. She was gently sobbing now. She sat there for what seemed like hours. After some time she realised she needed to make sure no-one else was hurt. She headed into the next room and found 2 more body's face down it was too dark to tell what had happened here but she knew one thing; she had to leave. Fast. 

Richard was all set. He was balanced on the chair with the noose slung around his neck when he saw something outside that made him slip out of his noose. A girl on the street below was running towards his building and she was being pursued by two men dressed in black suits. She was at the door to his building now. A buzzing rang through his flat. She was trying to get someone to let her in. He pressed the button by the intercom and let her in. Richard burst out the door and ran down the three flights of stairs. He didn't know why but he had to help her.

Erin slipped out from the building when she heard voices behind her. She was not sure what had happened but she could not help think, she was some how responsible for the death that had followed her all through her life. Now more innocent people were dead and she had no idea why. The building caught fire just as she reached the end of the road. She turned to take in the view of thick black smoke that had clouded up the night sky, flames reaching up to chase the smoke through the night. She turned her heart beating like a war drum as ran as fast as she could trying to get as much distance from the fire as she could. That's when she heard that voices behind. They shouted at her but she dared not look back and tried to get as far away as she could. Then she heard them start running after her.Fearing she might be caught by these madmen she turned into the next street she ran up to the nearest block of flats and began wildly pressing the doorbells hoping someone would let her in. It didn't take long before the door clicked open and she ran inside.Unsure where to go she headed up, looking for somewhere to hide.

Richard collided with the girl on the first floor, almost sending her tumbling down the stairs. He reached out his hand to her, "Come with me". To his surprise she took his hand without question and he lead her to his flat. Once they were safely inside he thought he best introduce himself,

"I'm Richard"

"Thank  You, Richard" She replied visibly shaken by the ordeal, "I'm Erin"

Erin took in her surroundings and instantly took in the length of rope and the chair in Richards front room,"Were you planning on killing yourself?"

The End

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