Missing Memories

I dreamed about eating pie.  It was very good, but for some reason it smelled like grapefruit.  I really do not know why.  Then the pie fell on the floor and lit on fire.  Then a dark mist started to creep up from the ground and consumed everything.  And every thing was still.  Still like death.  And under every thing was this sense that something was not right. Very not right. Then i fell into a bottomless hole.  It was sooo creepy.  Then I woke up screeming and realized I had fallen off my bed.  And it was mid-afternoon.  All I could do for a few minutes was sit there, breathing slowly, and all i could think about was that dark endless stillness.  Then i had another thought.  Oh no!  What if Arashi went outside and got lost!  I better go see if he's okay.  So I went to where I left him and he was gone.  Ack! This is all my fault what is hes gone outside and is lost!?!  First i looked around and I found him in the kitchen eating a sandwich. 

"Oh Arashi I was worried that you might have gone outside and gotten lost! that would be so terrible are you okay!?!"  I said.

"Umm..yah..sure that would be terrible, did you know we are indoors and you don't have to yell." he said, sounding kinda confused, "And uh, is there a reason you were screaming a few minutes ago?"

"Oh im so glad you're okay  i had a bad dream about something terrible that i dont know what is and it was sooo creepy and would you like some tea?"

"Um...thats creepy....uh...tea would be nice."  he sounded almost like he could not understand what I was saying. That is when i realized that I was talking like a zillion miles fast. Oops.

"Sorry 'bout that.  Would you like vanilla. orange, vanilla orange, cinnimon,  or cherry?"  I said.

"Um...there is such a thing as cherry tea?" he said, then, "Vanilla sounds good."

"Oh yah im relly sorry for yelling, Arashi I didnt know im really sorry." I said as i started to make him some tea.

"Uh..sure thats fine." he sounded like he didnt really think i needed to be appologizing for that.

But when I went to bed that night i couldnt get rid of that dream, so I lay awake, thinking, which is something i dont like to do.  I dont know why, its like im afraid of what will happen, as if theres something id really rather not think about. And as I lay awake,  I seemed to distantly remember that feeling of something being very not right.  It was like remembering a dream from long ago.  But somehow I knew it had been real, and i wondered what it was.  And why i did not remember it.  I lay there, trying not to think about, trying to sleep, but hard as i tried to get rid of it, it would not go away.

The End

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