A New Friend

I awoke early the next morning to a knock on my door.  Wondering who it could possibly be, after all, if you count Arashi, I only have one friend, and he was right where I left him, in the middle of my living-room floor, sleeping.

As I reached out to open the door, something, I know not what, made me pause.  Instead of opening the door I said, "Hello?  Who is it?" I suspect my voice carried all the sleepiness I felt to the person on the other side of the door.

"Chiyoko?!  Is that you?" i heard a voice that I just knew I should know, but that I did not.

"Yes, I am Chiyoko, but who are you?" I asked perhaps a little suspiciously.

"Don't you remember me sister?" the voice sounded slightly wounded, as if my words had caused physical pain.  I opened the door then.  The face that looked up at me was familiar, but I could not place it.  The girl who had called me "sister" seemed to see my confusion.

She sighed, "You did that again didn't you,"

It was not a question but a statement, and her voice sounded almost like she was reprimanding a small child.  "I did what?" I asked her with honest curiosity evident in my voice.

"I was not sure before, but now I know.  You did it again.  Its the only thing that makes since."

"What did I do?!" by now I was more than slightly annoyed, how could she possibly know that I did something that I didn't know I had done?

She sighed again and said, "Never mind, you will know soon enough."

Then it seemed she remembered something, and she said, "Say aren't you the medicine shop lady?"

"Yeah..." I answered totally not seeing a reason for her to ask the question, after all, no one ever came to my shop anyway.

"Could you give me some medicine?"

"Huh?  Sure!  Since you're my first customer in four months you can have it for free!" Some one actually came to get medicine!  Maybe if I'm really nice she'll come back again!  Maybe she'll even bring her friends!  Then I realized something, no one had visited me in the last four months, and only 1 in the last 6.  2 in the last year.  This bothered me for some reason, as I was pretty sure I was supposed to receive a monthly visit from......some one.  Try as I might I could not remember who.  A noise brought me back to the present and I realized that I had left the girl standing on the doorstep as I had drifted away in my thoughts.  

"Oops!  I'm very sorry!  Please, come in."  I moved out of the doorway, so that I would not be in the way.  Once she had entered, I shut the door.  Quickly I made my way to the medicine cabinets, "What sort of medicine do you need?" I inquired.

"I need the kind that prevents wounds from getting infected and makes them heal faster."

"That's two different kinds," I informed her, "but OK." I quickly returned with the medicines, "Would you like bandages as well?" I asked her.

"Uh...bandages would probably be good too, yes."

"OK then here you go!  Would you like me to administer the medicine as well?  If so I'll need to have a look at you wound."

"Yes, I believe I will need your help with that to, but can we do it in another room?"

"Huh why?" I asked confused, then I remembered, "Oh yeah!  Arashi!  He's sleeping, and even if he woke up, he's blind, but if it makes you feel better, we can do it in my bedroom instead."

"Thank you, sister."

"Why is it that you keep calling me "sister"?  Are we related?"

The girl seemed to be nearly on the verge of laughter, "I call you my sister because you are.  We are twins, Chiyoko.  We may not look all that much alike, but that does nothing to change the simple fact.  We are sisters, you and I."

"Really?  Wow!  I'm so lucky to have some one as pretty as you for a sister!"

She did laugh then, "Why don't you take a look at yourself sometime," she suggested.

We were in my room by this time.  I now closed the door, and turned to look at her, "So where is it?" I asked.

She removed her pants and I saw that there were a ton of bandages wrapped around her leg, starting a her hip and proceeding to her knee.  As she unwrapped the bandages I saw what they had been concealing: a hideous cut that ran from just below her hip to about mid thigh.  "That is one nasty cut."  I observed, "How did you get it?"

"I dropped one of my poisoned knives, couldn't get myself out of the way in time, got the slightest nick, gave myself the cut so that hopefully I'd live.  After that I realized that though I had lessened the likely-hood that the poison would kill me, I now risked bleeding to death.  So I ripped up the hem of my dress to make bandages of a sort, and got here as fast as I could."

"Wow. " I said simply, for what else was there to say?  I used the water I had brought along with the medicine to quickly clean the wound, then I used the disinfectant to finalize the job.  I then waited about 30 seconds, so that the optimum benefits of the next medicine would not be dulled because of the previous one.  Then I gently rubbed the healing cream into the skin around the cut.  After that I neatly bandaged up the wound again.

"There you go!  Now you leg should be all better in just a few weeks!" I said smiling.

"Thank you for your help." she said very sincerely.

"Remember to come visit me sometime, kay?"

She smiled then, "Alright," she said, "I'll visit you."


She laughed then, but I didn't no what she thought was so funny, so I asked her, "What's so funny?"

She laughed again, but quickly manged to get a hold of herself, "Oh, nothing," came her swift reply.  Her smile had not left her face, however, so I was not fooled.  Still I decided to change the subject, "Hey!  You never told me your name!"

"Hmm....That's right, I did forget to do that, didn't I?"

"Yes, you did,"

"Its Chiyako," she informed me, "Now I must be leaving, see ya sometime, sis!" and with that she was gone.  Without me realizing it we had walked out of my room, down the hall, through the living-room and had been standing right next to the front door.  Without even thinking about it I closed the front door, then walked all the way back to my bedroom, and collapsed on the bed.  I don't remember falling asleep, but I know that I must have.

The End

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