Chiyoko's Tale

The boy sneezed.  He was completely drenched from the rain that had been pouring from the sky these past few hours.  He sat, huddled up next to a nearby house, his arms resting atop his knees and his chin in turn resting upon his arms.  His eyes staring blindly into the depthes of space, his expression revealed nothing.  Somehow something about him seemed odd, and he seemed in some way more fragile and delicate that was normal for a young man his age.  Even so if I had to pick one word to describe him it would be "determined."  I'm not sure why, but he just seamed to radiate determination, and also though it seemed as though he was trying his very best to hide it, I could tell he was desperate.  All in all I determined that this was a very dangerous young man.

  Of course now I have a problem, what do I do now?  He doesn't appear to have seen me yet, so maybe I could just leave, but if I just left I'd never know anything more about him, he would remain a mystery in my mind and I would eternally regret not taking this chance I have to talk to him.  After all, life is never a sure thing, and for all I know, either of us may be dead tomorrow.  So took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and tried to think of a way to approach him. 

 Just then lightning flashed in the sky, and thunder rumbled less than three seconds later, and my instincts told me that a much worse storm was headed this way quickly.  I abandoned  all reason I had left, and though all of my instincts screamed in protest, I dashed out from under the limited protection and shelter the overhang of the roof of a small shop had given, and out into the street.  The lightning flashed again, and this time the thunder was almost right on top of it.  I ran faster and managed to get to the other side before the next flash of lightning split the sky.  Once I was there, I had practically forgotten why I had come, until I heard a voice from my left,

"Hello?"  I jumped in surprise, then I remembered, and knew who it must be.

"Hello," I answered weakly, "Can I sit here with you?" 

"Umm...sure...I mean why wouldn't you be able to?" 

"Oh, no reason I guess." 

At that point I realized that he wasn't looking directly at me but instead at some point a little above the top of my head.  I couldn't help but wonder why, but I was scared so I didn't ask. 

" are you out here in the rain?" I asked still more than a little scared, and my voice probably showed it. 

"Why do you care?" he demanded, suddenly defensive, "It's not like it effects you any!" 

 Even more afraid than before I immediately broke, "I'm sorry!  I'm very sorry!  It was none of my business!  I had no right to ask!" I hurriedly said all in a rush, "Please don't hurt me!" 

 He appeared quite taken aback by my response.  He blinked a few times and said, "Hurt you?  Why would I hurt you?  And don't apologize, it wasn't your fault, just don't ask again." 

 I slowly lowered my arms from in front of my face and peaked out at him.  He didn't seam all that angry, at least not anymore.  I decided it was safe  to come out again.

 "I won't ask for any more than you choose to tell me, I promise!" I said sincerely.



And that is how I, Chiyoko, and Arashi first met.

The End

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