Atlantic Wharf Trap

As the carriage turned the corner I could hear the redcoats were in a carraige and weren't far behind. The entrance to the wharf wasn't far I could even see it but the redcoats had rounded the corner. The rifle shots rang all around us, the back of the carriage was riddled with bullet holes I was afraid a bullet would hit me. But Captain Hamilton had other ideas and found bananas in a compartment and threw them onto the cobbled street. The redcoats lost control of their carriage and crashed into a stall on the sidewalk. We arrived at the Eastern Spirit which we were to use to escape Hong Kong. The crew were staying at a cheap hotel in the city so it would be crewed by the four of us. I was to be at the bridge with Captain Hamilton and First officer Jones whilst Mr Smith would be in the engine room. "Is everything ready?" I asked Captain Hamilton "yes we set sail now" but then out of nowhere a chinaman appeared right in front of us. "Good day I need the sevices of you Mr Jones" whispered the chinaman then in a puff of blinding light the chinaman and first officer Jones disappeared. "where'd they go!?!" I exclaimed. There was a loud explosion. "We're taking on water!!!" shouted Mr Smith who came up to the bridge "how?" I asked Captain Hamilton pointed straight ahead "by that" and ahead was a battleship of the Royal Navy. "It was a trap they knew we were coming so theyre sinking us!!!" shouted captain Hamilton. All of a sudden everythig was under water.

The End

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