China Mystery

Set in 19th century China. Follows a group of traders who are framed for a murder they didn't commit.

It was a grey and dank evening in Hong Kong not unusual for November, the date was the 17th November 1878 and there was a commotion going on at the entrance to a inn. On the other side of the cobbled road were the docks and jettys of Hong Kong Harbour. Those who were involved in the argument were my dear friend captain John Hamilton, of the trader ship Eastern spirit and Matthew Smith head engineer of the ship. Whilst I and first officer Jones looked on. "Why exactly are they arguing?" I asked  first officer Jones "I believe it's over how much the ship can take. There has been alot of faulty equipment" At that moment the sound of gun shots rang through the air, captain Hamilton and Matthew Smith pause their argument to investigate along with first officer Jones and me. We traced it's origin to an alley nearby. Lying in a pool of blood was a dead body who looked well dressed and of British nationality, next to the body was a blood covered revolver. The dead person was a man who had short  well trimmed beard with brown hair and eyes, he had also been wearing a top hat that was near him on the floor. "Who was this man?" I asked. Matthew Smith bent down and searched his waist coat and found a business card saying: Henry Rich CEO and founder of Hong Kong & China Trading company. "Umm... I think we should report this to the authorities." Said Matthew Smith Nervously. But someone had already informed the authorities saying a group of 4 men armed with a revolver had shot Mr Rich and that 5 Redcoats (British soldiers) should come with him to the alley. But the man dissapeared as the Redcoats arrived. "Stand still or I'll shoot" Shouted the redcoat with his rifle trained on me. "You are all under arrest for..." he looked at the dead Mr Rich and continued "murder". The redcoat's finger must've slipped and he fired although he missed us, we just ran but since we ran and the redcoats gave chase. Around the corner was a taxi carriage wich we all jumped in, the driver was chinese but before he could ask Captain Hamilton answered "Atlantic Wharf!!!" And the carriage pulled out of the space and went on it's way with redcoats behind still shooting.

The End

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