The Beast

Kyle pulled out his gun and Duke pulled out his long sword which he had made years beforehand. It was perfect. Its edges were cut so finely it hurt to look at them. There was an engraving near the hilt that was too small to read but this didn't make the weapon any less mesmerising.

Duke noticed Kyle's distraction and quickly jabbed him in the ribs. Kyle awoke instantly, but to an unpleasant sight. The creature stood before them, Jane lay on the ground behind. She bore terrible cuts, scratches and bruises. She babbled uncontrollably when she Kyle quake out of fear for her.

What had this monster done to her? He thought with a hateful heart for the Chimera. He looked into its eye with evil intention. But he then noticed that the beast eyes were no longer a misty blue but a beautiful brown. He looked back at his crazed mother who possessed the creature's eyes of ice. He saw right through the beast's trick now. The Chimera had switched forms with Jane in an attempt of tricking him into killing his own mother. Kyle raised the rifle to his right shoulder. Duke watched him point the gun at what looked like his mother.

"What 're ye doin'?" Duke screamed, but it was too late. Kyle had already pulled the trigger. A bright light blinded all. The Chimera was now gone but Jane lay in its place, alive and well. She still had her grazes and bruises but they weren't half as bad as the Chimera's illusion. Kyle threw his gun aside and ran to his mother, who took him into his tired arms.

Duke had chosen to stay away from the reunion. Jane seemed traumatised by the recent events and might not recognise him anyway. Instead he went over to inspect Kyle's bullet lodged in the rock. There was a speckle of blue blood on it! He dropped it into his pocket for later examination.

"Duke?" Jane asked wearily. She couldn't believe it was him. Even when they were young, Duke had promised that if anything was to happen to her, he would come and save her. He had never failed that promise and once again completed it.

"You came after me…" She whispered.

"I promised ye, didn' me?" Duke chuckled.

Kyle stood on the sidelines proudly. A lot had happened on his first adventure; He had almost slain the Chimera, got his mother back safely and met his uncle by pure chance. Suddenly Duke pulled away and reached into his pocket.

"Hey, Kyle, ye know what's on this here spot of rock?" Duke asked happily upon fishing out the bloody bullet.

"How's 'bout we have ourselves anodder go at that there Chimera after we get our Jane home?" Duke suggested. Kyle nodded eagerly. They wounded it this time, what's to say they can't kill it now?

The End

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