Kyle woke up to the familiar sound of metal. A constant shing, shing, shing rang off the cave walls. Kyle was taken aback by the sight of Duke sharpening a sword by the fire. Kyle examined the edges, almost done by average standards. He knew this because his father had been a blacksmith and had learned the trade himself for a time. His expertise lay in making weapons and armour for adventurers. This was in fact, how his parents had met.

I wonder why Duke is sharpening a sword, a gun would be easier… Kyle thought to himself as he got up. But he decided not to bring up his question since he assumed it was too rude to ask. So having nothing much else to do, he wished Duke a good morning and went out.

Kyle looked out from the cave mouth. The mountains that stood outside before disappeared behind the thick mist. Even if not seen for the moment, the caves would have to be searched and many so. He stood out a bit longer after this solemn realisation in deep thought. What would happen to Jane once they had found her? And what of Duke? There were so many questions he had left unanswered before.

As Kyle spent more and more time in the chill, he was noticed he was becoming colder and colder by the minute. He couldn't bare the icy temperature much long and came back to the fire. He was soon glad that he had done so. There was a comforting sight awaited him; an object that had reminded him of his father, a finished sword.

"Here ye go…" Duke handed Kyle the finished blade. A long missed smile stretched across his face. He seemed to resonate with joy while weighed the sword in his hands. It was an excellent size, shape and weight. He swung it around skilfully before slipped it into a sheath on a belt his mother had given him on his 17th birthday; it was his most prized possession.

Ye had a sword befur?" Duke asked, amazed with the boy's talent with swordplay.

Haven't I mentioned that my mom's a ranger and my dad's a blacksmith?" Kyle asked back.

"Have I told ye that me sister is one if 'em heroines and her hubby was on of ye blacksmiths?" the questioning continued. Then a thought jumped into both their heads. What if they were after the same person?


They looked into each other's eyes, not believing that they were related. But it no longer mattered, their Jane might still be alive and they could still get her back. They quickly packed their few belongings and put their backpacks on. Their hearts were as light as the happiness within them as they combed cavern after cavern, after cavern. But hope started wilting with each failed hunt. As they trampled through the last of the tunnels, Kyle heard eerie whispers.

"It's here…" Kyle breathed. The flame of their torches flickered away as a quiet wind passed. Duke put his back against Kyle's; the beast could be anywhere but at least it couldn't appear behind them now. Both were filled with joy and terror at the discovery of the beast. Now comes their fight… 

The End

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