The Hunter

Kyle found himself near the local tavern the next night. He could see from the outside that there were more adventurers than the norm. This will be easy, Kyle thought to himself confidently as he entered. He knew how to gather adventurers. He had seen his mother perform the task before. He asked the bartender to announce his quest and tell them there will be an award for the freedom of his mother. One by one, the many hunters and skilled trackers came and enquired to Kyle. After a long and tiring day, he found only one willing. He was tall and bulky with a black as coal.

"Ye says yur goin' on a hunt, eh? Me be a hunter and well a chimera is a mighty good catch of de day. And don't you worry about that there reward," said the large hunter. Kyle couldn't believe his luck. He found a skilled hunter that passed up the payment! He was more proud of himself than he could've imagined. But he also knew there were more important things to talk about. As the night continued, a plan was made to set out for the ragged tooth ridge in three days. This is was the place where the chimera was said to dwell.

After three long days, the pair left their accommodations without knowing how long they would be gone for. A long hike led them to the edge of the ridge and by the second day, they began to climb the first mountain. It was then that they started a very interesting conversation.

"Hey hunter, you know, you have never told me your name," Kyle mentioned.

"I didn' think ye want'd to know." The hunter chuckled. There was something about his husky voice reminded Kyle of his mother.

"I just there might be an easier name for you than 'Hunter'." He suggested.

"Alrighty den, do you want me name? Me name be Duke Falks."

"Good name for an adventurer…" Kyle commented politely. He could've sworn he had heard the name before.

"So why did you did you come with me? Why reject the reward?"

"It be a matter of revenge, ye see. That there monster kidnapped me sister." Duke growled at the mountain. There was an uncomfortable silence a while afterwards as they climbed the gloomy, merciless peak. The rain poured hard while Kyle and Duke dragged on up. Kyle wanted to give up but he remembered his mother and the pain that beast was causing her right now. He scowled at himself until nightfall. By then they had a cave. Duke started a fire after they had set up camp for the night. Later he lit a torch and handed it to Kyle.

"Check this here cave," Duke said blankly. Kyle nodded in reply and picked up his rifle.

"Ye be careful in dar, unholy spirits in dese here mountains." Duke warned. Kyle answered with a simple nod and set off into the darkness.

Kyle stalked through the cave, his sense heightening in the danger of the dark. He was terrified to even think of what could happen if the Chimera had caught him off his guard or came up behind him. He panicked at the thought, until he reached the end of cave. He was relieved that he had found nothing. Nonetheless, he cautiously walked back to Duke and the warm fire.

Once back, he realised how tired he had been. And without any food, a single word, he settled in his sleeping bag and fell right asleep. Duke chuckled upon seeing this young boy. It had been quite some time since his own first adventure. 

The End

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