In the Dark roomMature

Alice wakes up in a dark room in the basement of an abandoned science facility and there is something definitely strange going on. A strange man who appears to be watching Alice by the name of Dr. Hatts, states that she will be put through a series of tests to test out her mutation. As of now, she has no idea what her mutation could be or what the tests are. All she knows, is that she will find the Doctor.

Chimera Surgical Building, New Sarum, England, Year 2027.

“Today is a very special day Alice… I fixed you.” A shrill, nasally, voice said from an unknown location. A young woman was strapped down onto a table, and struggling to set herself free. She felt strange though. Almost as if there was something physically different with her. She ignored it for now. She tried harder and harder to break free, and soon the clamps around her released and she sat up.

“Where the hell am I?” Alice thought to herself. The room around her was in ruins and was falling apart. There was a dim light above her that flickered and there was one door directly in front of her.

“I see you’ve found the door. Once you leave, you’ll have to find your way back to where ever you came from.” There was a pause as if the voice wanted a response, “You don’t talk much do you?”

“I’m a mute. Of course I don’t.” Alice thought to herself. Alice had been mute from birth, her vocal cords weren’t developed properly making it impossible to make complex sounds.

“Anyways,” the voice continued, “You can call me Dr. Hatts. My first name is Charles but I don’t think it fits me well. Fits me like a hat.” There was the sound of giggling and then a long pause. “Have fun. I’ll be making sure you make it out alive.” Alice stood there staring at the door. She looked around one last time and noticed a small camera drone staring at her from the opposite wall.

“Well then,” she thought, “Let’s get started.” Before she even touched the knob the door opened. Then she reluctantly walked through, preparing herself for whatever came next.

The End

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