Kyle Bradley has been tormented by a monster ever since his mother, Jane, disappeared while on a quest. Taking the matter into his own hands, he hires an adventurer and sets out to kill the monster who he suspects murdered his mother. But along the way, he finds so much more than a creature of myth and legend.
An English assignment from last year. There's not really much to tell of this piece. It is a part of me, I put in the hours to write it, then realised there were more as I was told I h

"Why are you here?" Kyle asked anxiously.

Things haven't been the same since his mother, Jane, left. Kyle heard heavy breathing down the hall. He knew what the breathing was from, but he didn't want to believe it. He won't believe it. But he couldn't deny that he trusted his mother's tales.

"Kyle, didn't your mother tell you stories? You know why I'm here...." three voices softly rasped in unison. Kyle's fear ran high as he heard the growling. He quickly grabbed a nearby stalker rifle for protection.

"You know the bullets can't kill me..." the eerie voices snarled. It was true; bullets could not kill a Chimera. But it could injure one. Kyle carefully stalked down the hallway, holding the rifle to his shoulder. He saw the shadow of the beast; it was about the size of a puma. Its three heads stood out most amongst the darkness. One a black wolf, another, a bald eagle, and last a snake. All had misty blue eyes. The body of the creature was that of a black wolf's which possessed the wings of an eagle and the tail of a snake. The very memory of the chimera sent shivers up and down his spine.

He was close now and the panting of the tri-beast was becoming too loud to bear. He tried to release his tension as he walked through a doorway.

He stopped dead at a terrible revelation. What if he was going crazy? What it none of this as real? He dismissed the thought as the animal spoke again.

"Where is your mother, Kyle? Did she disappear again?" It taunted. Kyle raged at the chimera for insulting his mother. Kyle had assumed the chimera was the one who tormented, kidnapped and by now, might have killed her, and he wasn't going to let her get away with it. 

The Chimera, on the other hand, was expecting Kyle to come around the corner. It had known he would try to kill him. It knew everything about the boy and it also knew that if it would get hurt now, it would die by this boy later. But now it just enjoyed frightening him. 

Kyle leaned against the wall next to the corner. He started wondering why he was doing this. But he soon decided the question is not why, but how would he do it. This thing probably killed his mother, and now it was its turn to die. He braced himself as he took a few deep, quiet breaths. Then threw himself out there, skilfully rolling, ready to shoot. Nothing was there except an open door. He lost balance and fell to the ground in confusion. Apart from the door, there really was nothing there: no marks, no broken furniture, there weren't even any tracks to follow.

There was nothing at all.

Kyle wondered if he was going crazy again. What if his mother's disappearance was affecting him, again? Maybe he was insane, but after a long night of sleepless thinking, he decided he would go to the inn tomorrow and see if he could get an adventurer to help him hunt down this monster.

The End

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