Chapter ElevenMature

Cora didn’t feel anger at his words. She didn’t feel it bubble up underneath the surface of her skin, she didn’t feel it pump through veins and give her a kick of energy that would encourage her to pummel him with everything she had. His words didn’t embarrass her, because she wasn’t angry. She was horribly sad, her insides felt like they had dropped to her toes, it felt like she  was shrinking, becoming so small, sure she would be invisible in no time.

            “Luther, now is not the time –,” Alex tried to intervene before Luther interrupted him.

            “No time like the present, dear brother. It’s about time she heard who her parents really were. Do you remember Doctor R, Alex? The horrible man who injected us day and night with that treacherous silver liquid that burned our insides? I wonder if there is such thing as coincidence when the very same man moved into the farmhouse the same day we moved into the forest. We thought we lost them, Alex, but it turns out they were just as good at locating as we are.”

The End

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