Chapter ElevenMature

“Why don’t you let the lady speak for herself?” A deep, monotone voice disturbed the silence, and a burly man stepped forward. Cora instinctively cowered back when she realized who it was. Alex quickly pulled her into his arms and shielded her protectively.

            Luther was shrouded in darkness, making him appear more menacing and ethereal. His eyes were the same shocking yellow as Alex’s. He was hairy all over, and his muscles bulged with every move, with every breath. Anger and intensity radiated off him.

            Alex bent his head down and whispered in Cora’s ear, “Don’t let him intimidate you. He just is looking out for the safety of us.”

            Cora glanced up at Alex, then at Luther, and she knew instantly that everyone had heard what Alex said to her.

            “I’m here to help. I’m here for Alex, so I’m here for all of you.” Cora’s voice quivered and shook, she just barely got the words past her tongue, and the unwavering gazes of everyone around her silenced her immediately. She leaned into Alex, taking comfort in the warmth of his skin.

            “Even though I butchered your parents and took great pleasure in doing so? It was bound to happen, after how many people they allowed to be murdered with no guilt, no shame, and no repentance.” Luther chided himself with a big smirk on his face, his yellow eyes absorbing everything and reflecting nothing, flashing as surges of adrenaline and anger rippled through his body.

The End

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