Chapter ElevenMature

With a resigned sigh, she knew she had lost, so they continued to walk in steady tandem for a few moments, but then dashed into a run when the roar of the fire blazed higher into the trees and scorched their backs.

            It seemed like they’d be running forever; Cora’s legs burned and her lungs ached with every panting breath she took. She knew that they had reached their destination when a hundred pairs of eyes opened, and fixated on her.

            Not all of the gazes were amber, like Alex’s eyes. In fact, she couldn’t see any matching irises in the crowd. Everyone’s were differing shades of orange and green, purple and blue. However, the hues were electric, startling – the most prominent pigmentation you would ever see in eyes.

            Cora was hushed in astonishment.

            Alex noticed her silence and awed stare. He immediately picked up what was going through her mind. “That’s one thing that never really leaves us with the changes. Our eye colours become more intense, more unearthly…”

            Cora just nodded her acknowledgment and swallowed.

            Alex spoke up suddenly, his husky voice rang loud and clear. “Everyone, we’ve been invaded. Drastic measures need to be taken. It is probably best advised that we run.”

            There were only a few whispers circulating through the crowd. How many of them could speak?

            “Who is she?” A voice spoke from the crowd, and she was noticeably moving towards the two standing together. Her eyes were large and luminous, a beautiful shade of grey that was startlingly close to being silver, and she had matted blonde hair that reeked of fire, which was cut choppily at uneven lengths. At first, only her face was illuminated, but as she drew closer, her body was revealed. She could have been the poster child for anorexia nervosa awareness; her ribs jutted out and around her torso like a fortress, her collarbones and hipbones were sharp enough they could pierce through her skin. Her skin was dirty, stretched tightly over her muscles and bone, and every inch of her was covered in scars.

The End

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