Chapter ElevenMature

There was no time to think.

            No time to react.

            All it took for everything to be put back into motion was Alex’s hand wrapping around Cora’s and pulling her into a dead run. Neither of them knew who was manning the vehicle, what they wanted from them, or what would happen to them if they were caught, but they weren’t about to stay and find out.

            They ran together, hand in hand, through the frosted fields of grass, towards the edge of the forest. Trying her hardest to keep pace with Alex, Cora kept stealing glances over her shoulder at the proximity of the black van, and to her dismay, realized it was pulling up in front of her house.

            The driver only just realizing that the objective of his chase was halfway through a grassy field.

            They whipped the vehicle around, scattering gravel and debris in a spray that ricocheted off the windows and planks of the house. The van accelerated roughly, flying from the gravel driveway to the grass, shredding it up underneath the tire treads. Hearing the engine roar only made Alex sprint faster, dragging Cora along behind him. They were breaching the edge of the forest when Alex could hear the vehicle gaining on them, could feel the vibration of the engine rumbling through the air, and could almost feel the heat pushing at his backside. It made his heart race, and his palms were slick against Cora’s.

The End

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