Chapter TenMature

           “I want you, Alex. I want you not just in the animalistic sense of it, but I want to traverse your mind, figuratively trace my fingers along your subconscious… I wish to taste your lips and expose the dark secrets you have, not out of curiosity or to make you vulnerable, but because I want to know you better than I know myself. I want to linger with you in the moments you felt the utmost euphoria. If you let me in, I’ll tear apart your fears; protect you from the coldness that plagues your sullen bones. I just want you to realize that all I want is you and all you need is me.”


           “Throughout all this, despite the fact that there were others my age enduring the same thing, I had never been more alone.”


           Was she going to regret what she had said to him? The girl lifted her head, and just as she did, her hardened gaze met eyes that were glazed over and softened like a doe. Then, in the most heartwarming moment, Alex broke out into a genuine smile that actually touched his yellow eyes, however long he had gone without personal hygiene did no damage to the certain happiness he exhibited in that moment. Cora exhaled an audible sigh of relief, and stepped forward, arms extended in an embrace that was for Alex to step into. Before anything else could really happen, a loud screeching of tires nearly burst the ear drums of the two teenagers. A black Suburban could be seen at the beginning of the range road leading to the Reed acreage.

           Nasty tendrils of fear snaked a rope around and around Cora's spine.


The End

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