Chapter TenMature

           "Like a science experiment," Alex suggested. His stance was poised, more relaxed than before, but tension still rolled off of him like waves.

           "No, not just an experiment you turn in for a grade and then move on with your life," Cora began but immediately cut her sentence, not knowing how to finish it. “You’d be comparable to the very thing that someone has devoted their life to, in order to discover every possible thing that could be known about that thing, and when it comes to the end of their days, there are still many surprises that lay underneath the surface, lingering, waiting to be discovered.”

           “You hold me to a higher standard than I deserve, Cora. You’re putting me on a pedestal I can’t stand on.”

           She gathered the courage she had been severely lacking over the last few minutes. "I don't intend to pry on your life, Alex, I'm just – I wish you would... I wish you would just… let me in."


           “Don’t fight it, little Alex. Don’t. Fight. It!”

          “The evil dictator screamed this into my ear as three year old me writhes on the silver table of S.S Labs. I can't feel my lungs, I cannot breathe, and I don't know how to inhale or exhale. My throat is hoarse with my endless crying, and my eyes are swollen, crusted shut from all the tears.”

The End

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