Chapter TenMature

            The girl's words came out in a rush, and her voice wasn't very loud, or convincing. Like anyone, curiosity often got the best of her, but she dared to never let it show, especially regarding the mysterious case of Alex.

           “Just let me in, please.”


“Running away from the pain didn’t get me very far, since when they caught me, they held me down with brute force, and stuck me. They told me it wouldn't hurt, that it was like the tiny prick of a mosquito bite - and it wasn’t a lie, they weren't kidding. What they neglected to tell me was the agony from the aftermath. Everybody else took their shot without putting up a fight – how could they? Then again, everybody was different from me. Older, but not older than thirteen, I guessed. But the strongest memory I have is seeing his villainous face looming over mine, his eyes the color of an afternoon sky. He just whispered to me, ‘This is the first of many injections.’”


 From where Cora was on the ground, she saw that he had put an incredible expanse of winter wonderland between them. Squinting, she saw him stop in his tracks, once she had cried out. In the blink of an eye, he had disappeared from her sight. He’s left me, she thought morosely.

           "Just like everyone else," she murmured to herself.

          "We're both fully aware that you and I don't fit the description of everyone else," Alex's familiar husky tone drew her out of her reverie and Cora forced herself up. Whirling around, there he was, rippling with anger at some long-lost memory.


           “It was like being ripped open from the inside out - agonizingly slow. The concoction burned holes through my internal organs, I'm sure of it. The liquid was that potent.”


           There he was, suddenly and magnificently; the finale of a magic trick erupting in a poof of smoke to garner the applause of an audience. Cora was too stunned to applaud; however, she was amazed that he could disappear in an instant and sneak up on her, like a predator.

           "That just makes you all the more fascinating," Cora admitted, and was glad that the frosty air made her face rosy, so Alex couldn't see the flush that was creeping up past her neck.

The End

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