Chapter NineMature

            “I don’t have any cash on me right now but I have three grand saved up in my bank account. That could get us somewhere probably. The question is, where?” By now, the two teens had plopped down in the car and Cora revved the engine to life. It took no time to turn-over.

            Alex clasped his hands behind his head and leaned back against the seat. His bare elbow touched the window, but he didn’t shrink back from the cold like any other person would. Instead, as Cora observed him while waiting for the car to warm up, the area surrounding Alex’s skin on the window defrosted with his immense body heat. It was enthralling, fascinating even, but alarming at the same time. Alex could feel her eyes on him, and turned towards her with an amused expression. “What? Did I do something?”

            “I’m sorry, Alex, but I have to crank the heat. I’m freezing in here.” Cora was suited up in her cream colored button-up jacket, thick black leggings and combat boots.

            “Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t realize…” Alex, without thinking, reached his hand out to play with the unfamiliar dials on the car’s dashboard.

            The windows were finally defrosted and the car had reached a comfortable, internal temperature that suited both of them, so Cora threw the car into drive and put the pedal to the metal. She stomped on the gas, forgetting that the vehicle was new and would react suddenly, but she realized too late and the car slammed into the side of the house. The impact wasn’t great, but the two of them were thrown violently forward and the front of the car was smashed in. Cora groaned when she saw the engine start to smoke, to which she threw her hands in the air and banged her fists against the steering wheel. Alex got out, examining the damage. His face was a multitude of expressions; anger to amusement, confusion to frustration, then he finally settled for amusement and started laughing hysterically at their demise. Cora shot him a glare, and the laughter immediately ceased into silence. He ambled over to the driver’s side.

The End

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