Chapter NineMature

            “The situation is overwhelming, okay?” She defended herself shyly.

            “I didn’t mean to overwhelm you,” Alex said quickly. “Everything I could suffer would seem miniscule compared to what you've endured. I would hate to overwhelm you even more.”

            Cora looked at Alex and saw a genuine sincerity in his eyes, when normally there was a yellow wall that reflected her worried expression right back to her. She grabbed his hand with as much bravery she could muster and steered Alex towards their exit, snatching up her duffle bag and the family’s car key on their way out.


The early November morning was frigid with a cold, unforgiving wind; Cora’s face was already nipped with rosy cheeks and nose by the biting air. Alex was unusually used to the cold – his body temperature was amped up a few degrees – so he became Cora’s heater on their walk to the Volkswagen.

            “So, what do you say we do? Where do we even go?” Cora asked Alex as they approached the vehicle. It was almost too good to be true, the girl thought, that she was finally on her own with her own independence dangling over her head.

            “Well, I cannot drive, and I have little experience with other full-blooded humans. I only know so much about your world.”

The End

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