Chapter NineMature

Of all things, Alex never expected Cora to come clean about anything to that extent – he knew she wasn’t happy, but running away from everything she’s ever known? Something must have been aggravating her enough to take such desperate measures in order to feel some relief. He felt terrible; was he the reason she wanted to leave in the first place? Or was he just another factor?

           Alex realized that his emotions must be leaching into his expression, so he quickly hid the shock with a mask of cool collectedness. It seemed to work, because Cora just gazed at him as if nothing was wrong. Alex wrapped her up in his arms again and nuzzled his face into her neck; Cora squirmed around as the scratchiness of his beard tickled her skin. The sincerity of their affection for each other warmed the girl’s heart, making her feel whole inside like never before. Even when Alex planted a soft kiss to her forehead, butterflies erupted in her stomach at the so-called electricity that sparked across her skin.

            “You know, an outstanding quote by Marilyn Monroe claims that, ‘the real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead’. I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but I can’t recall for the life of me what the rest of it was.”

            “Well there can’t be much more than that, it seems good enough given our situation right now,” Alex stumbled through his words, and pecked her forehead one more time.

            “I don’t think anything could be more fitting,” a rosy flush started creeping around the tips of Cora’s ears.

            “Are you blushing?” Alex wondered with a twinge of wonder in his voice.

The End

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