Chapter EightMature

What he discovered in the bathroom was horrifying.

           The enormous mirror was splattered with blood, streaked messily all over with bloodied fingerprints. Hanging from the two light bulbs above the mirror was the severed, decapitated head of Tina Reed, secured with what looked like dried intestines. Her eyes had been gouged out, the teeth all broken, and her face stitched into a terrifying, Glasgow grin. It was nearly impossible to identify Cora’s mother.           

           Above the gruesome graffiti, smeared in blood, of course, were the words:


           Alex hugged Cora close to his body, but she had already fainted at the sight. He heaved her up into his arms and carried the limp body out of the room. He hadn’t eaten for forty eight hours, but he could feel bile start to creep up his throat from the murder scene. He clutched the unconscious girl tightly to his chest as he hurried out of the room. He was practically running down the hall as he searched for an escape. Searching for Cora’s bedroom was no problem at all, but as soon as he walked in, he knew that things were going to become even more difficult than they already were. Alex had a plan, and the first part of Plan A was already falling through the cracks.

           Alex sauntered in and gingerly set the girl down on her bed. She was breathing normally now, and the color had returned to her face, but her eyes were closed and she remained motionless. Nothing had scared the boy more in his lifetime, seeing her lovely face drained of life. Alex pushed the thought away as quickly as it had come, and sprang to life when he remembered what he sought out to do.

            It was weird, rummaging through Coralie Reed’s things, but he knew she’d never be returning if he had anything to do about it, so the guilt was quickly abolished. In the closet, he found a medium-sized pink duffle bag, and inside it he found a bag of toiletries, along with a couple pairs of underwear, a sweater that was definitely two sizes too large, and a music device. It was silver, narrow, and had a white circle with various buttons for navigation below the screen. It was cold when he picked it up in his hands, and he noticed on the back Cora’s initials were engraved underneath the unfamiliar word iPod.          

            Was Cora planning on running away? From the contents in the bag, it would appear so.

The End

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