Chapter SevenMature

“It’s not a line; it’s simply the truth.”

           “You’re a total romantic, you know that?” Alex’s heart fluttered at her confession; his stomach clenched when she gazed up at him from underneath her long eyelashes.

            “I do my best,” he replied shyly as the ascended the steps to Cora’s house, arm-in-arm.


There was no comfort in knowing that only a few hours ago, a family had lived in the farmhouse on Range Road 55. Cora Reed felt like a stranger entering her own home, a feat she thought only possible when she first moved in. Alex and Cora were intruders searching for the tiniest spark of life. Tears pricked the backs of her eyes when she crept into the vacant house. Alex noticed her eyes go glassy and gave her hand a reassuring squeeze, taking the lead and guiding her through the house as if he lived there himself.

The End

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