Chapter SixMature

            We sat in silence together after that. I was filled with an overjoyed righteousness, because I knew I was finally doing something that I was meant to do. I guess you could refer to it as destiny, but I feel that destiny is too strong of a word for something that was miniscule in comparison to what could have happened. That’s all our experiences add up to, it seems: we don’t remember the things that we did, only the moments where we felt we had an opportunity to do something yet didn’t have the courage to act. I contemplated this while I stared at the dead body of Victor Reed. I wondered if he knew how much his wife resented him for the poor treatment of his only family, and how despite the strained relationship, she loved him no less than she had on their wedding day.

            It wasn’t difficult to pinpoint exactly how Cora’s father passed on. It was rather clear from the bloodied gashes and bruises spread across his body, I knew Luther was to blame for the beating. I’m almost positive, now that I think about it, that I was the reason he really died. I appeared behind Cora, wanting nothing more than to console her, and suddenly he yelped like a sickly dog and the life was immediately drained from him. Luther and I pretty much have the same eye color, and seeing only my eyes in the dark probably sent poor Mr. Reed sailing over the edge. I’m just as positive that Cora would hate me if she figured out my revelation.

            A light flickered on in my head.

            It occurred – rather abruptly – that I simply needed to protect the girl with my life. From everything and anything that wanted to harm her. And, given the circumstances, I’d say somebody wants to harm her; just look at her unlucky parents.

           The only problem standing in my way?


           And he was gone.

The End

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