Chapter SixMature

            “I don’t have much time, Cora, but… I’m… quite frankly; I’m shocked that you don’t hate me after how badly I’ve treated my only daughter…” The man gazed up at her with such pain present in his eyes; Cora couldn’t stop the fresh flood of tears from dripping onto his blood-crusted forehead. She didn’t even bother wiping them away, since he probably couldn’t feel anything anyways.

            “There were some times where I was convinced that I hated you, but I’m a hormonal teenager, and I got over it… until you infuriated me with another terrible comment, that is.”

            It was weird then, because despite the horrible situation, Victor and Coralie started to chuckle quietly together. Cora felt awkward, but warm-hearted towards the unfamiliar sound of her father truly laughing at the irony, with her.

            “Dad… I never told you this when I had the chance to, but I love you with all my heart. Please, don’t ever forget that.” She gave his hand one last squeeze when his eyelids slowly closed for what seemed like the last time. Cora gazed lovingly at her father in his state, cherishing the few moments she had left before she knew his heart would stop beating. Her focus slid down to Victor’s wrist, where her thumb was rubbing soothing circles against his paper-thin skin, and his heart pulsed into her fingertips weakly. Suddenly, his eyes bulged out of his head and his pulled Cora right close to his frail body with the little strength he could muster.

            “C-CORA! WATCH OUT!” Victor screeched at the top of his lungs when he saw bright yellow eyes appear above Cora’s head in the darkness.

The End

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