Chapter SixMature

            Given her father’s explanation – which was very vague – Cora knew perfectly well who had attacked her father. It was the same inhuman creature that had gone after her the first night she stayed in her new home. It was simple, Luther was to blame. At that conclusion, the blood began to boil in Cora’s veins and her heart hammered with fury. How could he take something away from her, someone so precious, when she’d done absolutely nothing to him to deserve it? She didn’t understand, but the girl didn’t need to. She’d get her revenge, even if it killed her.

            “He’ll pay for this, Dad. He won’t go unpunished, I promise you.” Cora gently squeezed her father’s hand with her spoken oath. “I swear, Daddy, I’ll make him pay.” Her voice got thick with traitor tears; they began to flow down her face even more heavily as she clutched his hand to her heart. It was clear that his time was approaching, imminent even. Death was creeping closer and closer, she could feel it in the goose flesh covering her skin. Victor’s heart beat faltered underneath her fingertips, and his hindered breathing grew even shallower. Cora knew she had to say something, or forever hold her peace.

            “Dad, I’m sorry for being so ignorant the last couple years. I just wanted things to be like they were when I was young; I wanted things to stay like they were when I was your little girl.”

            Victor suddenly turned towards his tearful daughter, and was completely shocked by her confession. He clutched her closer to him, for his voice was barely above a whisper now, he was so weak.

The End

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