Chapter SixMature

“Oh my God, Dad… what’s going on? What happened to you?” Cora’s voice cracked with unshed tears as she crouched beside her crippled father. She reached out and found his seemingly small hand, clutching his fingers with as much force that was allowed.

            Victor slowly turned his bloodied head towards his daughter, who now had tears streaming freely down her face. It broke his heart in two to see his little girl like that over him, despite everything they’d suffered as a family. A wave of remorse flooded his soul, making him think about all the nasty things he’d said to her earlier. The dying man closed his eyes as the regret instantly consumed him.

            “No, Dad, stay with me… I’m staying here. I’ll stay with you,” the promise came out in a rush; Cora was desperate to salvage any extra seconds she had with him. “Who did this to you?” She was struggling for words.

            Victor had to think it over. Who did beat the living piss out of him? He remembered long, very long, wing-like arms protruding out of the person’s back, coarse black hair covering every inch of his body, and haunting yellow eyes…

            “I don’t know, Cora. Whoever it was...” he trailed off as he began to doze off into a permanent slumber.

            Cora lightly shook him. “Dad, stay with me!” His eyes fluttered open at her command, and he proceeded to explain further.

            “Whoever it was… was not… human,” Victor forcibly croaked out the last word, and with the effort, his head slumped against Cora’s body. He had officially expended the last of his energy, yet he was still holding on.

The End

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