Chapter FiveMature

            Cora peered into the box stall as she had these racing thoughts, feeling queasy as the adrenaline pumped through her veins like a drug. What she saw shocked her – a body lying crumped in the corner on top of the old straw, a blob that was crushed beyond repair. It was obviously a male, you could tell from the build and obvious height – but it was hard to distinguish facial features with a face so bloodied and broken like his. Bones were protruding out of the skin from awkward angles. The poor man’s eyes were swollen shut, purple and black. It was a wonder how he managed to turn towards her in the darkness.

            He struggled to blink a couple times before he managed to utter her name once more.

            “Come here, love. I need to hold you in my arms one last time, like when you were little.” His breathing was so hoarse; Cora was horrified at the words he said. The voice sounded so familiar, it tugged at her heart strings.

            She could hardly believe her eyes when she crept closer.


The End

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