Chapter FiveMature

A loud crack sounded from above her head, rattling the walls and sending shivers running down Cora’s spine. After the last noise, all was silent, until she saw out the corner of her eye a body crash against the wall. The person rose groggily from the impact, and blinked when it saw her. She cringed as a pair of glowing yellow eyes landed on motionless body. The girl tried her best to remain as motionless as possible under the predatory stare. They were tackled from her field of vision and disappeared into the darkened hay loft once again.

            One last final time, the voice croaked Cora’s name out into the dark. She decided to follow her gut; whatever was hiding for her down here was better than whatever was happening up there. She crawled on her hands and knees, wincing as the cement scraped her palms.

            “Where are you?” Cora asked softly, her blood pounding loudly in her ears.

            “I’m in the very last stall… in the corner…” 

            It was evident that whoever was cooing to her was growing weaker with every second that passed, and they didn’t have much time. Cora nodded her head to signal she understood, even though nobody was there to see it. Deciding that she was in no real danger in that moment, she scrambled onto her feet and crawled beside the stall doors. The aisle was relatively wide, and if anything jumped out at her unexpectedly, she’d have enough time to make a quick getaway. Immediately her thoughts went to Alex, whom she’d left upstairs to fend for himself… even though he’d assured her that there was no chance of him getting seriously hurt. Cora felt guilty for being a coward, and setting herself up for her own death.

            If that was what this was.

            At least, there was a 50/50 chance she was in harm’s way, the other fraction of that fifty meant she was potentially safe. That was the key word here – “potentially”.

            All at once, Cora approached the very last stall, and heard a final blood curdling scream above her head. Her hands were shaking as she gripped the wooden stall, bracing for the impact of a stranger, waiting to kill her. The girl desperately pushed thoughts of her parents out of her mind, and for the first time in her life, she prayed that they would be okay.

The End

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