Chapter FiveMature

The girl couldn’t really tell where she was in the darkness. Feeling desolate and helpless, Cora slumped down against the wall and put her head in her hands. She didn’t know what was going on upstairs, and she didn’t exactly want to find out either, but if her parents were harmed in any way… she would never be able to forgive herself, despite how strained their relationships have been the past few years. This whole chaos was eating her up inside. Cora was guilty; she knew that she was selfish and ignorant to the fact that her parents loved her and she was completely disregarding them, because she was so caught up in the web that was Alex. She was so quickly wrought with a sickness that she couldn’t quite put her finger on it, that she didn’t even hear the timid voice beckoning to her from the shadows.

            “Cora… Cora… Coralie…” The voice was extremely weak, and kept breaking every time they uttered the ‘ra’ part of her name.

            She scrunched down in the corner, afraid to even breathe. What if it was a trap? The terrified girl immersed herself with thoughts of her last moments of life, which weren’t even going to be spent with her parents or Alex, for that matter.

            The voice was beckoning to her again. She could hardly hear it over her erratic heartbeat, or the boisterous pounding upstairs.

            What if an axe murder was hiding in the shadows, waiting for her weakest moment, ready to torture her for all the terrible things she’d done in her lifetime?

            “What do you want from me?” Cora squeaked as hot tears spilled down her face. She was so frightened, it reminded her of the times she’d woken from a nightmare and had no voice to call for her parents. The words were there, but she was choking on the sound that was trying to come out.

The End

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