Chapter FiveMature

“Alex, I’ve got to do something. If that’s them in there, and I have little doubt it isn’t, it’ll be my fault. Like it always is…” The girl added the last sentence in a very quiet, guilty whisper.

            “You’re staying here; I can match Luther’s strength in case he decides to try something, which from the sounds of it, he is and will be.” Alex explained this to Cora like she was five, with a note of finality evident in his voice.

            “I can’t just stay here and be useless! I fought with my father earlier, we said some nasty things, but I absolutely could not live with myself if either one of them was hurt. I’m coming with you, no ifs or buts,” Cora tried her best to sound as stern as Alex did.

            It got the point across, however, and Alex sighed with resignation. He bent down and knocked out her knees from underneath her and scooped her seemingly weightless body into his arms, and sprinted off toward the barn. She locked her arms around his neck, enjoying the ride silently. She decided it was best if she didn’t remind him that she had two legs and was perfectly capable of running alongside him.

            Once he set her down, he clasped her hand in his again and cautiously crept into the barn. He put a finger to his lips to signal Cora for absolute silence. He paused at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the hayloft, his face anxious and waiting. It felt like eons before another scream broke the peace and quiet, and suddenly Alex was in action. He was gone and up the stairs in a flash, ready to take on whatever was waiting for him. Cora couldn’t help but think of her mother when she heard the scream.

The End

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