Chapter FiveMature

The two teens whirled around to face the barn that was only a hundred yards away. It was shrouded in darkness from the tall oak trees hovering over it, with only the light of the moon lighting up the doorway. Cora’s eyes darted all over the place, searching for the source of the frightened scream, looking for a sign of life besides her and Alex. In an instant, the boy had miraculously appeared by her side in seconds, his hand latching onto hers protectively. Everything about him was tense. There was something completely wrong, and he wasn’t prepared to flee anytime soon.

           Despite his apprehensive posture, Cora knew that this boy would run head-on into danger with no hesitation.

            Maybe that’s part of the story he’s so careful to hide from me… Cora wondered while Alex evaluated the situation. She was pulled back to the present when another violent scream erupted from the hayloft of the rickety barn.

            “Where did that come from?” Cora asked in a hushed, wavering voice. She crept closer to Alex.

            “The barn, your parents went in there. I saw them.”

            Cora’s blood went cold at his words. “Who else would be in there?”

            “Luther’s there. He’s always there.” Alex’s voice went deep and husky, and his eyes were darting from Cora to the barn, back and forth.

            Cora’s mind instantly rewound back to earlier that night, when she had fought with her father about something that, now, seemed completely pointless. When Cora had gone exploring in the barn, she’d narrowly escaped Luther’s clutches. Her parents might not be so lucky.

           Not everyone can have a superhero.

The End

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