Chapter FiveMature

"Why would you trust me? I could kill you in seconds; so quickly, painlessly." Alex hissed under his breath, a warning.

            "I guess that's comforting; painlessly, you say?" The girl wasn’t fazed at all; she just wanted Alex to bestow upon her the mesmerizing stare that was his. He wouldn’t even glance her way in the slightest.

            "That's definitely not the point here. What I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't be so willing to trust someone with that kind of strength. You shouldn’t trust somebody with that kind of brutality in their destiny."

            "That's the beauty of it, Alex. You have the power to, yet you choose your own destiny."

            Cora finally stepped away from him, moving out of the creepy forest and into the dark of the grass field. She looked over her shoulder at Alex, who was still standing where she was moments ago, staring back at her with an unsure expression plastered on his handsome face.

            "You have no idea..." He whispered, his face shadowed in the darkness.

            “What was that?” Cora called back to him, waiting. She paused mid-step when he spoke. His voice was so quiet that the noise from a mouse could be easily heard.

           Not like the sudden yell coming from the barn nearby.

The End

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