Chapter FourMature

Mira watched from the trees as Alex walked away hand in hand with the anonymous girl. She was pretty, beyond pretty, but also very strange looking. Mira instantly knew why she didn’t like her; the girl wasn’t like her kind. She didn’t have excess black hair or wings sprouting from her back. In other words, she was normal.

                Mira’s heart broke in half as she watched an unfamiliar, goofy grin spread across Alex’s face. She scolded herself for being hurt, for being jealous, but she couldn’t help it. She loved the boy, and he was completely oblivious. There was just no doubting it.

                Just be happy for me, okay? Mira imagined Alex himself telling her off about being jealous and hurt. It gets easier.

                “The truth is, Alex, it never gets easier.” Mira whispered.

The End

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