Chapter FourMature

She felt like a heartless bitch.

                “I’m sorry for saying it so callously. But… why’d you do it the first place?” Her lovely face softened a tad at his remorse.

                “It seemed like a good moment to,” Alex uttered when he gazed up at Cora. Her face had lit up like a light was shining from the inside out. Without warning, Coralie marched back to Alex and grabbed his hand with an urgency that he wasn’t used to.

                She started walking home, and tugged him along beside her. They strode together peacefully for a few moments, before Alex broke the stillness.

                “May I ask you something?” Alex wondered tentatively.

                It seemed Cora hadn’t heard him. “You’ll have to be quiet; my parents don’t take kindly to strangers.”

                He attempted again, quite pitifully. “Cora?” He asked again in a low voice.

                “You can sleep on my floor for the night–“


                The girl stopped in her tracks. “Yes?”

                “Where are we going?” Alex asked wearily, his eyes tired and pleading.

                “My house… where do you think?”

                “Won’t your parents be opposed to this?”

                “Like I said, you’ll have to be quiet. Besides, what they don’t know won’t kill them.”

The End

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