Chapter FourMature

I inhaled her before I heard her.

                I listened to her footsteps before I saw her.

                I yanked Mira into the tree branches before she saw me.


Cora knew that her urgent desire to see Alex wouldn’t bring him to her, no more than if she warranted a search party in his name. She had a feeling that Alex would be exceptionally skilled if it were ever to come to a game of hide-and-seek. However, that didn’t stop her from willing those yellow eyes with her provocative thoughts to peer out from the shadows. The chances of that were extremely slim, but Cora still stoked a glimmer of hope in her heart. After all, how could she not, when the boy was all she thought about? His smoldering amber eyes had been haunting her for dreams for days on end, forcing the girl to wake up frequently during the early hours of morning, gasping for breath with her heart furiously pounding in her chest. After Cora calmed herself down enough to stop hyperventilating, she’d spend the rest of the day wondering about the mysterious boy from the wilderness. She was weirdly intrigued by his introverted, reserved persona, especially how he eradicated the forlorn, unfamiliar emotions from deep inside her. Cora had never been this attracted to anyone, ever.

                If only she could find him…

                Everything was silent, except for the crunch under Cora’s footsteps and her amazingly loud thoughts. She was innately grateful that no one possessed the ability to read minds. Cora remembered the first time she was paralyzed in Alex’s stare. She’d been so mesmerized by the unnatural yellow that she completely forgot to be afraid of the feral stranger. He had never intended to harm her, Cora didn’t know that though, and yet she wasn’t scared.

                Even now, walking through the dark forest, Cora wasn’t cautious, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was unwelcome. Her breathing accelerated as the certain feeling of unease grew with every step she took. Just like any other night, there was no sign of Alex. Indecisive on whether or not she should turn around, Cora stopped and bit her lip, listening to the tranquil silence. Disappointed that her efforts had gotten her nowhere again, the girl turned on her heel and began walking back in the direction she came.

                It was the same every night, yet Coralie still dragged herself out into the frigid night in search of him. She hunched her shoulders against the biting breeze, and wondered why nothing ever seemed to work out for her.

The End

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