Chapter FourMature

Mira flared her nostrils, waiting for a familiar, yet pungent scent to hit her. Whatever was hiding shifted again and a wave of Alex washed over her, immediately relaxing her rigid muscles that were innately prepared for the worst.  The girl squinted up into the twisted brambles, and a pair of unnatural yellow eyes stared back at her. Mira’s face broke out into an ear-to-ear grin. 

                “Alex, what’re you doing?” Mira demanded, her voice saturated with joy.

                The boy hesitated for a moment, unsure of what to say. He stuck with half of the truth; a little white lie, if you will.

                 “Sitting in a tree.” Waiting for a girl I shouldn’t be waiting for.

                Mira snickered. “I can see that. Now why are you sitting in a tree?”

                Alex rolled his eyes at Mira. “What’s the magic word?”

                “Ugh, puh-lease?! Is that good enough for you?”

                “I could beat around the bush, but I might as well cut to the chase,” Alex admitted exasperatedly, and ran a hand through his hair.

                “I’m waiting…” Mira crossed her arms and tapped her foot for emphasis.

                “Me too.”                                            

                “Okay… wait, what?” She narrowed her eyes suspiciously at him. Alex couldn’t help but laugh at her muddled expression.

                She barely hid the hope that she was now inflated with at Alex’s statement. She knew his words weren’t directed towards her, although she desperately wished they were. It was fairly clear that she was hanging on to his every word – and Alex could definitely tell. She ignored the dull ache in her chest, ignored the hunger that clenched her stomach in its greedy iwantiwantiwant, and most of all, she ignored the obsession that swelled up in her heart whenever she was in the presence of Alex.

The End

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