Chapter ThreeMature

            Back in the laboratory, Alex never noticed the potential crush Mira had in store for him. Being the two youngest of the experiments, she followed him around like a lovesick puppy, and to the untrained eye, she definitely was. However, Mira was much like Luther, and dreamed of the relentless power she could bestow upon people. All she needed was somebody who was compliant with her wishes, and somebody who she saw fit. Alex fit the bill perfectly; he appeared human enough, but had the super-charged senses and strong wings that were necessary for their survival and intimidation. But despite her efforts in pursuing Alex, the interest was never returned. Mira couldn’t understand why; she was a conventional beauty in her own way, despite the bat hair and the leathery wings, but instead of the usual yellow pigment, her eyes were a vivid green. Most of the fellow experiments and some of the scientists complimented her frequently when they were still residing in the labs.

            “Those green eyes will bring a man to his knees for you, someday Mira,” Anastasia had whispered to her one day while they were engaging in their regular regime of flight tests. Mira had never forgotten her words, and they were forever tattooed on her brain.

            It never changed how Alex saw her though, no matter how much she tried to grab his attention with her startling eyes.

The End

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