Chapter ThreeMature

            Alex was driving himself crazy.

            For the duration of two very long weeks, he’d literally gone insane from the mere thought of the eerily beautiful girl. It was sick and twisted to him, how this girl could have such a hold on him already. He was crazed by her wit, independent spirit. He was just drawn to her. It was as if he was pulled into her orbit, and there was no way to escape her gravitational pull.

            And to be honest, he didn’t want to defy gravity, if it meant allowing nature to take its course and he could be around her.

            If that’s what he thought, then that definitely wasn’t the reason as to why he was hiding in the tree branches, waiting for her to take her nightly walk in search of him. Alex was still muddled by the reasons himself, mostly because his overpowering need to be beside her was almost conquering the rationality that still lingered inside him. It was simple, if he were to proffer you an explanation: they were two different species, incompatible for each other genetically and emotionally, set for two very different routes in their lifetimes, and no matter how badly Alex wished he could change those facts, they remained solid and unyielding to his earnest desires and wants. The poor young man was stuck dreaming of a life he’d manifested with Cora, where he was normal and could feed her dreams and suffocate her fears, protect her and love her all the same.

            It was obvious; Alex was absolutely smitten with her, and the idea of falling in love. Quiet, reserved, naïve Alex, had fallen for the most human girl in his small world. He didn’t know it yet, but nature’s course was changing dramatically in his favor.

The End

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