Chapter ThreeMature

“And why do you figure, Victor? You called her a moody bitch for God’s sake! Never in my life did I imagine that my husband would “discipline” his daughter that way.” She made the air quotes gesture with her fingers.

            Victor knew he was close to losing his wife; the love of his life and best friend. He thought he couldn’t handle losing touch with his daughter, but since that’s already happened, the mere thought of Tina leaving him made him a nervous wreck.

            He decided to play it cool, and make himself likeable again.

            “Tina, I know what I say hurts both you and Coralie. Please forgive me, I love you both more than you could ever know. I’ll change, I promise.”

            “You say this every time, Victor. We’re still waiting for the change.”

            She stared at him, waiting for him to respond this time, but he had decided to look down at the floor. She resisted going upstairs for a few more moments, but Victor remained silent, which she took as the ‘okay’ to leave.

            “I’m going to bed. You can sleep on the couch, until you apologize to your daughter, and I start seeing a difference in how you treat her.”

             When had he become such a tortured soul? Everybody had their internal demons, and most of them were conquerable, but Victor was an exception. He was slowly becoming overruled by his.

The End

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