Chapter ThreeMature

            “I find it unbelievable that you wonder why we’re not a family anymore, Dad. You’ve driven a wedge between me and the two of you.”  Cora peeked around the corner of the mudroom, just enough so she could see into the living room without being spotted by her parents. Her mother was ignoring the two feuding humans, her face buried in the pages written by Jane Austen. Her father hadn’t taken his eyes off the television. With that as incentive to leave, Cora gathered what was left of her dignity and heaved the door open, stepping out into the brisk night with the intentions of finding Alex, and slammed the door without a second glance behind her.


            “God, she can be such a cunt sometimes.” Victor growled while he switched off the television, and gauged his wife’s response to his statement. She remained uninterested.

            “Well? What do you have to say about her behavior, Tina?” Victor pressed, willing her with his eyes to agree, anything would suffice. As long as she would talk to him, he would be content and not blame himself for the collapse of his only family.

            Tina read the last few sentences of a paragraph, and looked up to meet the steady gaze of her husband. She opened her mouth and closed it again, unsure of what exactly to say to Victor. Finally, she found her voice after an agonizingly long time.

            “You hurt her every time you say those harsh words, Victor, and you know deep down that she’s right about you driving her away. She wants nothing to do with us, and resents us a little more each day. I know you think you’re getting her attention by name-calling, but she’s losing respect for us. I can see it in her eyes. She’s dying inside.” Tina’s voice was soft, light as a feather, compared to the boisterous, shocking voice of Victor. Two very different souls, brought together by the opposites attract clause.

            Tina wasn’t so sure of that anymore, though.

            “Tina, love, she lost respect for us a long, long time ago.”

The End

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