Chapter ThreeMature

            It was the same deal, every single night. Her parents would be in the living room, her father enjoying a mug of tea while watching the evening news and her mother cozied up by the fireplace with her nose in a book. Cora would busy herself in the kitchen with simple chores, such as cleaning the dishes and wrapping up any leftovers. Her hands were occupied, but her mind was not, and by the time eight o’clock rolled around, she was more than ready to tug on her black waistcoat and hightail it out the door.

            Once she’d put the last of the dishes away, she crept into the mudroom to put on her jacket and her worn-out grey TOMS, and waited for her parents to hear her. Cora checked herself out in the mirror, tucking fly away strands of hair behind her ears and applying nude lip gloss to her lips. She made sure to be quiet, but also loud enough for her parents. Sure enough, they heard the muffled sounds of their daughter fussing about in the mudroom.

            “Honey?” Cora heard her mother call from the living room.

            “Yes?” The girl replied reluctantly. She was just cinching up her jacket at the waist.

            “Where are you off to?”

            Cora rolled her eyes at the expected question, thinking that she really had nowhere to actually go in the feeble perspectives of her parents. “Nowhere fast, Mom, I don’t have a car, in case you didn’t notice.”

            Victor immediately flared up in a fit of rage towards his inconsiderate daughter. “Don’t you dare start this with us, if you wanted a damned car so badly; you’d get off your sorry ass and save up for one yourself!”

            “It would help if I’d at least get hired somewhere, Dad,” she snapped.

            “Well, I can’t blame them for not wanting to hire you, since you’re such a moody bitch.” Victor retorted almost casually, the words rolling off his tongue with such ease. Tina shot a menacing glare at him, but didn’t jump up in defense of her daughter.

            “Where the Hell did that come from?” Cora screamed at him, her body radiating fury.

            “Go for a fucking walk if you want to; maybe don’t come back while you’re at it.”

The End

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