Chapter ThreeMature

Now that Coralie had come across the attractive, but nonetheless wild boy, none of her crazy sex fantasies compared to the fluttery stomach and erratic heartbeat she achieved when thinking of Alex. Thinking of him made her elated, giddy with the love that was growing stronger in her core every day. Cora had found it nearly impossible to stop thinking about Alex – for any length of time – since their first encounter. He’d claimed to have rescued her – she hoped ‘rescued’ meant he swept her off her feet and carried her unconscious body to his hut where he waited patiently until she awoke – and after the reassurance that he wasn’t as vile as Luther seemed to be... Alex was charming, reserved and strongly introverted. Cora loved that it wasn’t easy right off the bat – Alex had disappeared for days and there would be no sign of him, yet she felt like he was always there. What she found the most intriguing, however, was the earthly, inhuman yellow of Alex’s eyes. They were large and inquisitive, filled with curiosity and all-encompassing understanding, yet they were frightening, and could paralyze you from head to toe all the same. She’d describe them as simmering pools of amber that made your heart melt and your stomach quiver whenever he locked his gaze on yours. There was no way you could put the sensation into words when you were trapped in his penetrating stare.

            Therefore, for two very long weeks, Cora was haunted by the memory of his eyes, his tousled black hair, and his sharp, angular features. She was plagued with millions of questions that involved him; where did you come from? Why do you choose to live in a forest? What made you reside in that hut of yours? Thinking about him now, she remembered that he had an anxious and nervous appeal to him. He always appeared on edge; as if he knew something was lingering all around him, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce during his weakest moments.

            What was he hiding from? Cora concluded, finally realizing that it wasn’t just what he was hiding, it was who he was hiding from. She had the inexplicable twist in her gut that Alex was far from ordinary, and much to her surprise, she wasn’t at all horrified by the simple rationalization. If anything, she found it even more intriguing, tempting – because she was not all that ordinary either. Cora was positive there was something wrong with her; no one else she knew had appealed to her as much as the feral boy did. Alex fascinated her, more than any other human being on the planet. He was different, and Cora appreciated that difference. She liked it so much, even after one meeting with him; she was caught in a routine of walking through the woods nightly, with high hopes of catching a glimpse of those yellow eyes.

The End

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