Chapter ThreeMature

It had been a very long two weeks since Coralie and her parents moved into the old farmhouse. The tedious process of unpacking everything left them exhausted, but they were thankful to be reasonably settled in. Now all they had to wait for was their new home to start feeling like a home.

            Cora noticed whenever she was walking around the house that she felt like an intruder, an unwanted visitor, and she couldn’t pinpoint why exactly. Maybe it was the fact that her family had been gradually distancing themselves over the last few months, with only a delicate thread holding them together. When Cora thought of home, a different place came to mind, a place that she’d only have the pleasure to experience in her mind. Cora had never been outside the country, but she’d seen enough photographs of the lovely, sprawling city that was refreshingly alive with people. Compared to the rural community she was now destined to live in, San Francisco was just a dream, and that’s all it ever would be.

            Despite how badly she was treated and the obvious misery she suffered, Cora had the achy, homesick feeling in her gut to return to her old town, old house, and old school – regardless of the fact that all her friends had deserted her, and she was stuck with the permanent negativity. No matter what, she’d always feel alone. She missed how familiar everything was. She hated how every aspect of her life now was strange, alien. The only change that she would consider welcoming into her life would be, she decided, a new romantic relationship to cope with her overwhelming Cora-ness.

            Before she ever moved, celebrity sex fantasies were usually privy to occupy Cora’s mind, but when she thought of falling in love, she was tormented into believing that she wasn’t worthy of love. Now, a very peculiar boy in particular invaded her brain, making her long for the love that you find in books and movies. In such a short time, Cora had developed a raging crush on the feral boy, Alex, and was surely convinced that she wanted things to move forward between them. She wanted them to graduate from acquaintances to friends, and so on and so forth.

             Before she ever met Alex, the girl knew herself to be incredibly sexually frustrated. She never acted on it, but managed quite reasonably. Satiated whenever she created mentally satisfying scenarios, and being a hormonal teenage girl, she also was plagued with an interest in erotic romances. She lived her fantasies through the stories she wrote in the dead of night when insomnia plagued her.

The End

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