Chapter TwoMature

The young man had read about the process of falling in love so often that he could recite it off by heart. It was simple: a chance encounter that brought the two unlikely souls together, who were so intrigued by each other’s quirks that they immediately fell in love, which was later described as a union of secrets and flaws that was so perfect they couldn’t imagine living without one another. Then something tragic happens, and they rebuild their eternal love through whatever feat they thought was impossible, and they live happily ever after.

            The end. That kind of thing just wasn’t in the cards for him, so why should he get himself worked up over something that would never happen? There was absolutely no chance of the beautiful, charming Cora to ever want to be with him, so why should he stress himself out over what she said? Why should he try to interpret what she was really saying, like most of the hero’s in the novels he had his nose in? Pestering himself with these questions, it struck Alex moments too late:

            There was no way.

            Could he actually be falling in love?

            “And I thought I was incapable of falling in love.” Thinking of his epiphany, Alex could then drift off to sleep like he’d longed for so many minutes earlier.


            Luther squatted outside of Alex’s hut, hoping to hear the sound of that annoying girl in there with him. He heard nothing but the steady sound of the boy’s breathing. He continued to wait, just in case.

            “And I thought I was incapable of falling in love,” Luther heard Alex chide himself in the hut, before rolling over on the sleeping mat. His breathing slowed down almost immediately, and Luther knew then that the boy had fallen asleep. He rose from his position outside, his legs cramping instantly from crouching for so long. He stretched out his legs a little before continuing to the roost where the rest of the experiments resided.

            Most of them had more animal characteristics than human, unlike Alex, who looked like a human, who had crippled bat wings protruding from his spine. Luther vaguely felt sorry for the boy, since he felt that he shouldn’t have to sleep with the rest of them during the night. Alex suffered the most in winter with hibernation and all that; last winter he resorted to sneaking into a house during the night to survive the brutal cold. The rest could hibernate, since they possessed the required fur, small bodies and hardiness they needed to live in the wild. Using their old home as a blueprint, the parahumans had constructed a roost with their bare hands to have a place they could call home. Luther greatly appreciated his roost’s abilities, along with their appreciation for his.

             It was odd, since Luther was the most like Alex, except he had more bat qualities than Alex did. The two had gotten along the most when they lived in the laboratory, despite their differences in morals and values. Luther despised Alex for wishing to be human; he felt the boy was naïve and should embrace his gifts, and use them for power like they were intended. Alex never listened though, even when they broke out of the labs, and found their refuge in the forest. They had no concept of where they were, they just knew that so they wouldn’t be found, they had to fly during the night and cover as much area as possible. Even then, Alex had clutched his copies by the famous playwright, Shakespeare, refusing to leave them behind.

            Now he claimed he was falling in love with the girl, even though there was nobody around him that remotely cared.

            It looks like Luther’s work was cut out for him. He just had to wait until the perfect moment arose.

The End

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