Chapter TwoMature

Cora continued reminiscing about her former life, wondering when her current reality would make a turn for the better, while Alex did the same thing in his hut. All he could really recall was his “dorm” room that he shared with several other experiments, which they slept in from eight PM until exactly eight AM. The scientists insisted that they got the recommended hours of sleep, in order for them to succeed in their daily tests. The daily tests included motion, flying, cognitive and sense tests. Motion tests were standard; the scientists moved various parts of their bodies to ensure that they were in correct working order. They made sure the muscles and ligaments were flexible and not deteriorating, and the bones remained strong and hollow for flying. Flying tests were exactly as they were described; they were held in an enormous dome for the creatures to stretch out their wings and practice their animal senses while in flight. Cognitive and sense tests guaranteed that their brains weren’t dysfunctional from the mixing of human and animal DNA. It was not uncommon for some of the victims to go insane from their double lives.

            Alex remembered lying awake for hours some nights, simply because sleep wouldn’t come to him after his brain was bouncing around in his skull, full of thoughts. He wondered if he’d ever be given the opportunity to live a normal life, or be able to love a normal girl and create a normal family together. Who would sign off their child to become a hypothesis in a series of experiments, and never want to see him again? Wherever his true biological parents were, he would find them some day and yell at them for subjecting him to this, and make them feel as worse as he did when the cruel scientists told him that he was never wanted, and that he was only there for them to poke needles into and experiment on. He never asked for any of this; all he wanted was to live a life that he’d actually be proud of. There was nothing proud in being the offspring of an animal and a human.

            Alex frequently let his mind wander onto various topics, and when he thought of the normal girl he’d always dreamed he’d find, suddenly Cora drifted into his thoughts. Startled by what his mind had resorted to, he pushed the thought of her out, and wished desperately for sleep to overcome him.

            Was she just as haunted by his presence in her mind as he was by hers?

            Well, there was no way he was going to find out, since he swore that he’d never bother her again.

            But she was all he could think about.

The End

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