Chapter TwoMature

Those haunting yellow eyes had the potential to give her nightmares, but they were filled with something she couldn’t quite identify, she knew there was no way he could possibly have a mean bone in his body. The one thing that struck her as odd was how he quickly fled the scene when they were standing on the outskirts of the woods. He had quietened down a bit on their walk back, which wasn’t entirely surprising since she had just met him. He seemed reclusive, and very introverted. She blamed herself for his absence; maybe she’d drained him of energy, and he couldn’t handle being around her anymore.

            It wasn’t impossible; it’d happened before. That’s why her friends had deserted her, why her parents disregarded her. She’d chased them all away somehow, without even trying, as if a repugnant odor made them gag at the sight of her.

            Did she smell bad? She couldn’t possibly, she showered every day. She wasn’t vain either, but she knew perfectly well that she was decent to look at, too. Her parents used to remind her every day about how beautiful she was. But it didn’t really count when it was your parents, since they were biased and were supposed to love you no matter what. All that was left was her annoying personality.

            Suddenly, Cora found herself wondering if Alex found her beautiful, or at least attractive. Attractive would be better than nothing. She knew she found him good-looking, with his heavy-lidded yellow eyes, sharp features, and wiry body. He could have better personal hygiene, but she couldn’t judge him based on his stink.

            Back in her hometown, she never found the guys she attended school with particularly attractive. She found them annoying, self-absorbed and disgusting. She’d known most of them since elementary school, back when they were cute and innocent, but they soon grew into the vile pigs that preyed on charming girls who’d do anything for some self-respect. Or, in most tragic cases, they wanted so badly a boy to love them according to how quickly they’d spread their legs. Cora didn’t have many friends, only a few, who had disappeared during her last year of school in Kirkland. During this time, she focused on her studies and tried her hardest to forget the fact that they all thought she was a prude, and wanted nothing to do with her. She gave up on the idea that a prince charming was waiting for her somewhere, ready to sweep her off her feet and shower her with the love she thought she deserved.

            Well, we can’t have everything, can we?

The End

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